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Hardware:Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro
Software type:Thrustmapper programming Software
Released:24 Apr 2003
System:Windows XPWindows 2000Windows MEWindows 98 SE
Description:***NOTE: If your accessory is not installed and/­or doesn't work properly by itself first,­ installing this software won't provide any improvement.­***
First introduced as an all-in-one driver/­ software package,­ Version 4.­0x marks a new beginning for the Thrustmaster software.­
PLEASE NOTE: IF BEING USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH FFB DRIVER v.­ 10.­0.­3: you will need to re-install this software after installing the 10.­0.­3 driver.­
From now on,­ the Thrustmapper will be recognized as a standalone programming utility.­...
Download Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro Thrustmapper programming Software v.4.02
Hardware:Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro
Software name:Thrustmaster Calibration Tool
Released:27 Jan 2006
System:Windows XP
When installing your accessory (or Force Feedback drivers),­ calibration of your accessory is carried out automatically.­
The Thrustmaster Calibration Tool V 1.­03 software allows you to carry out manual calibration (which will replace the automatic calibration) on:
* The steering wheel of your racing wheel
(in order to center it perfectly and obtain the maximum left and right values)
* The pedals attached to your racing wheel
(in order to eliminate any potential dead zones)
* The mini-sticks on your gamepad
(in order to ce...
Download 360 Modena Pro Thrustmaster Calibration Tool v.1.03 driver