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Hardware:VIA P4M890
Software name:UniChrome FBD
Released:06 Jul 2007
Description:UniChrome FBD V2.­6.­00.­03a Application Note
For Debian 4.­0,­ Fedora Core 7,­ Mandriva 2007.­1 and Ubuntu 7.­04: This application note describes how to install VIAs UniChrome/­Chrome 9 HC Integrated Graphics Console Frame Buffer display driver for the CLE266,­ CN400,­ CN700,­ CN800,­ CN896,­ CX700(M/­M2),­ VN800,­ VN896,­ VX700(M/­M2),­ PM880,­ PN880,­ PM800,­ PN800,­ P4M800CE,­ P4M800Pro,­ P4M890 and P4M900 North Bridge chips.­ Two solutions are provided.­ One is to use the...
Download VIA P4M890 UniChrome FBD v.0.8 driver
Hardware:VIA P4M890
Software name:Display Driver
Released:29 Nov 2007
System:Windows VistaWindows XPWindows 2000
Description:P4M890,­ VN890 Display Driver
VIA chipset drivers must be installed on a system with the P4M890 or VN890 chipset as well as the display driver for integrated graphics support.­ VIA chipset drivers can be found by selecting your operating system and then the "VIA Chipset or Platform drivers" option.­
Download VIA P4M890 Display Driver v.22.00.01e