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Hardware:Toshiba Portege R205-S2062
Software name:Wi-Fi Driver
Released:20 Sep 2006
System:Windows XPWindows 2000
Description:Wi-Fi Driver for Toshiba Portege R205-S2062
Intel(R) 802.­11a/­b/­g,­b/­g Driver V10.­5.­1.­59/­V9.­0.­4.­17 &­ PROSet Utility V10.­5.­0.­1 For Windows XP and 2000.­ This package will install the correct Wireless LAN driver that matches the computer's Intel Wireless device (either V10.­5.­1.­59 or V9.­0.­4.­17),­ then automatically install "PROSet for Wireless" V10.­5.­0.­1.­
Download Toshiba Portege R205-S2062 Wi-Fi Driver v.
Hardware:Toshiba Portege R205-S2062
Software name:Bluetooth Stack
Version:4.­00.­36 (T)
Released:28 Apr 2006
System:Windows XPWindows 2000
Description:Bluetooth Stack driver for Toshiba Portege R205-S2062
Bluetooth Stack for Windows XP/­2000
If an old version of this software is installed on the system,­ you must use Windows' Add/­Remove Programs control panel to uninstall it before installing this release.­
This release addresses these issues:
•Bluetooth PAN server cannot start automatically after resuming from standby,­ if OS is XP/­TabletPC edition.­
•One sentence in the option dialog of CHS is not correct.­
•Windows XP require...
Download Toshiba Portege R205-S2062 Bluetooth Stack v.4.00.36 (T) driver