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Hardware:AMD Turion 64
Software name:PowerNow! Driver
Released:July 2005
Description:AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology PowerNow! Driver Version 1.­50.­03 Linux - AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology PowerNow! Driver Version 1.­50.­03 for Linux 2.­6 series kernels.­ Provides support for AMD PowerNow! technology for Linux systems.­ Adds support for 2.­6.­10 and later kernels.­ Requires cpufreq-1.­20,­ cpuspeed-1.­20.­1,­ or powersaved-0.­8.­19 or later to support SMP and dual-core systems.­ Download AMD Turion 64 PowerNow! Driver v.1.50.03
Hardware:AMD Turion 64
Software type:AMD Dashboard Demo Software
Released:July 2005
Description:AMD Dashboard Demo Software,­ Rev 2.­0.­0 - The AMD dashboard demo software graphically displays your processor’s current frequency,­ voltage,­ and power savings.­ On some systems fans speed and processor temperature can be displayed if there is BIOS ACPI support.­ This utility supports AMD Turion,­ AMD Athlon 64 X2,­ AMD Sempron,­ and AMD Athlon 64 processors in single socket systems (single or dual-core).­ Download Turion 64 AMD Dashboard Demo Software v.2.0.0
Hardware:AMD Turion 64
Software name:AMD Power Monitor
Released:January 2006
Description:AMD Power Monitor Version 1.­0.­1 - This application is used to monitor the current frequency,­ voltage,­ utilization,­ and power savings of each core of each processor in a system.­ This application also has a system tray icon that can be used to view and select power schemes on the system.­ The system tray icon will show the average utilization of every core on the system.­ Download Turion 64 AMD Power Monitor v.1.01 driver
Hardware:AMD Turion 64
Software type:Driver
Released:July 2006
System:Windows XPWindows Server 2003other
Description:AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) 1.­3.­2.­16 - Allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed,­ voltage and power combination that match the instantaneous user performance need.­ Download this Setup Installation program (EXE) to automatically update all the files necessary for installation.­ This package is recommended for users whom desire a graphical user interface for installation.­ This .­EXE driver is a user friendly localized software installation of the driver designed for end... Download AMD Turion 64 Driver v.
Hardware:AMD Turion 64
Software name:AMD PowerNow! Dashboard Demo
Released:August 2004
System:Windows XPWindows 2000Windows XP 64bit,other
Description:AMD PowerNow! Dashboard Demo - This utility displays a graphical dashboard showing the current voltage,­ frequency,­ power savings,­ and utilization of a processor running on PowerNow! enabled system.­ The utility can be run on Windows 2000,­ Windows XP,­ and 64-bit Windows.­ Download Turion 64 AMD PowerNow! Dashboard Demo v.Demo driver
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