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Manufacturer:MSI (Microstar)
Hardware:MSI (Microstar) U180
Software type:BIOS
Released:18 Jun 2012
Description:BIOS for MSI (Microstar) U180

Update EC firmware to 405.­
Download MSI (Microstar) U180 BIOS v.10H
Manufacturer:MSI (Microstar)
Hardware:MSI (Microstar) U180
Software name:S-Bar 2.­0
Released:18 Jan 2012
System:Windows 7
Description:S-Bar 2.­0 for MSI (Microstar) U180

S-Bar 2.­0
Download MSI (Microstar) U180 S-Bar 2.­0 v.21.011.10272 driver
Manufacturer:MSI (Microstar)
Hardware:MSI (Microstar) U180
Software name:Battery Calibration(1.­0.­1105.­1601)
Released:16 Jun 2011
System:Windows 7
Description:Battery Calibration(1.­0.­1105.­1601) for MSI (Microstar) U180

Battery Calibration(1.­0.­1105.­1601)
Download MSI (Microstar) U180 Battery Calibration(1.­0.­1105.­1601) v.1.0.1105.1601 driver