Download Logitech RX250 Optical Mouse SetPoint driver v.­4.­00 for Windows Vista,­ XP

Free Logitech RX250 Optical Mouse SetPoint driver v.­4.­00.
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Hardware:Logitech RX250 Optical Mouse
Software name:SetPoint
File Size:58Mb (60816768 bytes)
Archive type:MSZIP
Released:05 Jun 2007
System:Windows VistaWindows XP
Description:Title: SetPoint 4.­00
Software Version: 4.­00
Post Date: 6/­5/­2007
Platform: Windows Vista
File Size: Approximately 60 Mb
Migrating to Vista:
We recommend to uninstall SetPoint prior migrating to vista (you will be able to use your Logitech keyboard and mouse basic functionality during the migration).­ Once the migration to Vista is completed,­ install a fresh copy of SetPoint to enjoy the full functionality of your Logitech devices and unleash the power of Vista!
If you have migrated to Vista with earlier SetPoint version loaded,­ we recommend to uninstall it and install a fresh copy of SetPoint to ensure it functions properly.­
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