Download BRADY PowerMark USB Printer Driver for Windows

Free BRADY PowerMark USB Printer Driver.
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Hardware:BRADY PowerMark
Software name:USB Printer Driver
File Size:17.96Kb (18389 bytes)
Archive type:ZIP
Released:28 Sep 2006
Description:PowerMark USB Printer Driver 9/­28/­06
0.­02 MB,­ ZIP
The electronic file of the Brady PowerMark USB Device Driver is available
for download in ZIP format.­
PowerMark USB Print Driver Installation
Step 1.­ Unzip the contents of the "PowerMark_­USB_­Driver_­.­zip"
file to a location that can be easily accessed in later steps
Step 2.­ Power down the computer and printer
Step 3.­ Connect USB cable (E200534) to the computer and printer
Step 4.­ Power up Printer first and put unit into on-line mode
Step 5.­ Power up computer and upon start up,­ a found new hardware
message should appear.­ Click next and follow the dialog boxes:
Select Search for suitable driver for my device then click
Select floppy disk drive and click next
**Note: if the USB driver has been downloaded onto the hard drive or network
drive select the specify a location option
The system should find device driver mcf572_­pm3.­inf; click
Select finish to complete the USB driver installation
Step 6.­ Install PowerMark print driver by inserting Printer
Driver CD and run setup.­exe
Select Install Brady print driver and click start
Select PoweMark for the model of printer and click OK
When installing on the USB port select no to the automatic
port setup
**Note: If this was being setup to the serial connection than the option yes
would be selected.­
Select USB printer port and click OK
Select Yes,­ I want to restart my computer now and click finish
Installation is complete
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