NETGEAR WG111 (V3) Driver &­ Firmware v.­1.­2.­0

Free NETGEAR WG111 (V3) Driver &­ Firmware v.­1.­2.­0.
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Hardware:NETGEAR WG111 (V3)
Software type:Driver &­ Firmware
File Size:22.1Mb (23171320 bytes)
Archive type:InstallShield
Released:06 May 2008
Description:WG111v3 Version 1.­2.­0
Supports Windows Vista (32/­64 bit)
Win Vista x86/­x64 driver version: 6.­1116.­1228.­2007 (WHQL certified,­ Works with Windows Vista)
Win 2000/­XP/­XP-x64 driver version: 5.­1116.­1228.­2007 (WHQL certified)
Win 98SE/­Me driver version: 5.­1116.­1228.­2007
Vista Utility version: 3.­6.­59.­123
XP/­2000/­98 Utility version: 3.­6.­45.­314
New Features and Enhancements
Fixed - Fail to launch NETGEAR GUI after we insert the same adapter in another USB port which we have never inserted this adapter in that port before.­
Fixed - The GUI may not appear in the system tray after installation finished.­ This is because there is a newer meeting house protocol driver installed,­ but it wont bind to our adapter driver.­
Fixed - Input blank SSID and set security to either "WPA-PSK" or "WPA2-PSK" and apply it in the settings page.­ Then switch to "Network" page and do scan,­ it can't find any AP.­
Fixed - It won't uninstall the driver nor delete driver files on XP x64during uninstallation.­
Fixed - Adapter can not reconnect to Router automatically on Win 98SE.­
Fixed - Sometimes GUI crashes on Win 98SE and ME.­
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