NETGEAR WGR614 (V4) Firmware v.­5.­0_­07

Free NETGEAR WGR614 (V4) Firmware v.­5.­0_­07.
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Hardware:NETGEAR WGR614 (V4)
Software type:Firmware
File Size:743.59Kb (761438 bytes)
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Released:03 Nov 2004
Description:WGR614v4 Firmware Version 5.­0_­07
1) Fixed the issue where configuration settings were not saved properly.­
2) Now displays a warning message when invalid outdoor channels are selection when France is selected as the region.­
3) No longer checks the region selection when generating WEP key.­
4) Does not alter the region when the "generate" button is selected to generate WEP key.­
5) Displays a warning message when the WPA-PSK key is more than 63 characters.­
6) Erases the old 64-bit key when the encryption strength for WEP is changed from 64-bit to 128-bit.­
7) Prevents a possible issue with the router being unable to retrieve a DHCP IP address from the WAN.­
8) Fixed a bug that prevents access to certain Web sites.­
9) Prevented DynDNS stop functioning.­
Warning: This firmware is only for models ending with "v4".­ Do not load it on models without the "v4".­
This note describes enhancements and bug fixes incorporated in Version 5.­0_­07,­ added since Version 5.­0_­02.­
NOTE: After upgrading to this firmware from a previous version,­ you MUST clear the Configuration settings (either by using the default button on the rear panel or Erase in the Backup Settings menu) and reenter your configuration information manually.­
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