Download VIA AGP Drivers AGP 4 in 1 Driver v.­4.­10b for Windows XP,­ 2000,­ 98,­ ME,­ 95,­ NT

Free VIA AGP Drivers AGP 4 in 1 Driver v.­4.­10b.
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Hardware:VIA AGP Drivers
Software name:AGP 4 in 1 Driver
File Size:5.32Mb (5579013 bytes)
Archive type:ZIP
System:Windows XPWindows 2000Windows 98Windows MEWindows 95Windows NT
Description:Part of the 4 in 1 driver set is an AGP driver.­ The driver below is the AGP driver version 4.­10b which is Microsoft certified.­ In due course it will be put into the next update of the 4 in 1 drivers.­ The version of the AGP driver in the current 4.­37(a) 4 in 1 drivers is the 4.­05c.­ This driver has been designed to enhance performance under Windows XP.­ Tested on a KT266A chipset motherboard with a GeForce 3,­ and WinXP,­ this driver provided an extra 3 fps in Quake III and an extra 100 marks in 3D Mark 2001.­ To install the driver click on the appropriate link.­ Choose the "Save File" option and save it to your folder under Windows where you file your drivers.­ Unzip the file.­ Double click the "SETUP.­EXE" icon.­ The program will then run and install the driver.­ You will be asked to restart.­ Always restart after installing drivers.­
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