BTH\MS_­BTHBRB drivers

Here is 3 drivers compatible with BTH\MS_­BTHBRB.
This is Device ID of Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
Anyway, you can try to use extended search exactly for your hardware.
Hardware:t610 Flexible Thin Client
Software name:WES7 Add-On (Bluetooth Subsystem Support)
Version:1.00 Rev. A
File Size:1.84Mb (1932248 bytes)
Released:11 Jun 2013
System:Windows Embedded 32-bit
Description:WES7 Add-On (Bluetooth Subsystem Support) for HP t610 Flexible Thin Client
This package modifies the Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7
(WES7) Image for supported thin client models that are running the
Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 Operating System.­
Compatible devices:
B5W36PS,­ B8D10AAR,­ B8Q34UP,­ C1C06UTR,­ C1H08UP,­ C2R81UC,­ C3H80UP,­ C3H81UP,­ C3W97EC,­ C3W98EC,­ C3X00EC,­ C3X02EC,­ C3X04EC,­ C3X05EC,­ C3X11EC,­ C3X12EC,­ C5A23UC,­ C5Z05UP,­ C7G30PS,­ C8U74UC,­ C8U75UC,­ C9V38EC,­ C9V42EC,­ C9V44EC,­ C9V45EC,­ C9V49EC,­ C9V53EC,­ C9V54EC,­ D0M53UC,­ D3U05LC,­ D3W61UC,­.­.­.­
Download HP t610 Flexible Thin Client WES7 Add-On (Bluetooth Subsystem Support) 1.00 Rev. A driver
Hardware:Windows Vista
Software name:Service Pack 1
File Size:434.5Mb (455611504 bytes)
Released:18 Mar 2008
System:Windows Vista
Description:Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses key feedback from our customers.­ SP1 addresses specific reliability and performance issues,­ supports new types of hardware,­ and adds support for several emerging standards.­Download Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 936330 driver
Hardware:model 01
Software name:Bluetooth
File Size:83.13Kb (85124 bytes)
Released:29 Jun 2006
System:Windows XPWindows XP Tablet PC
Description:Microsoft SP2 Bluetooth Stack installer for 01,­ 01+: XP,­ Pro,­ or Tablet.­ Original factory install.­ Download OQO model 01 Bluetooth 5.1.2600.2180 driver