PCI\VEN_­11C1&­DEV_­048C&­SUBSYS_­044C11C1 drivers

Here is 9 drivers compatible with PCI\VEN_­11C1&­DEV_­048C&­SUBSYS_­044C11C1.
This is Device ID of Genius GM56PCI Soft Modem.
Device or core chip manufacturer is Agere Systems, Inc. .
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
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Hardware:Compaq 8000f Elite Base Model Ultra-slim PC
Software name:Compaq 8000f Elite PC Win XP x86 Driver Pack
Version:1.00 Rev. B
File Size:214.85Mb (225291552 bytes)
Released:19 Oct 2012
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bit
Description:Compaq 8000f Elite PC Win XP x86 Driver Pack for HP Compaq 8000f Elite Base Model Ultra-slim PC This package contains the drivers necessary for Microsoft operating system
deployment for supported HP Desktop models.­

This package provides the drivers for the integrated and select add-in devices
in an INF format.­ This format is compatible with bare-metal Operating System
deployment tools that require INF based drivers.­ Compatible devices: AY046AV
Download HP Compaq 8000f Elite Base Model Ultra-slim PC Compaq 8000f Elite PC Win XP x86 Driver Pack 1.00 Rev. B
Hardware:Compaq 300B Base Model
Software name:LSI Modem Driver
Version:2.2.100 Rev. A
File Size:1.02Mb (1074032 bytes)
Released:04 Nov 2011
System:Windows 7Windows VistaWindows Vista 64-bit
Description:LSI Modem Driver for HP Compaq 300B Base Model
This package contains the driver for the LSI PCIe Modem in
supported desktop models that are running a supported operating
Compatible devices:
Download HP Compaq 300B Base Model LSI Modem Driver 2.2.100 Rev. A
Hardware:Compaq d330
Software name:Agere (LSI) Systems Soft Modem
Version:2.2.96 Rev. K
File Size:1Mb (1053696 bytes)
Released:17 Feb 2010
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 2000
Description:Agere (LSI) Systems Soft Modem for HP Compaq d330
This package contains the driver for the Agere Systems PCI Soft
Modem in the listed desktop models and operating systems.­
Compatible devices:
DF381A,­ DF381T,­ DF383T,­ DF384T,­ DF387T,­ DF392T,­ DF396T,­ DF399T,­ DF413T,­ DF414T,­ DF415T,­ DF460S,­ DF480S,­ DG305A,­ DG305T,­ DG306A,­ DG307A,­ DG308A,­ DG309A,­ DG309T,­ DG310A,­ DG311A,­ DG312A,­ DG312T,­ DG313A,­ DG314A,­ DG315A,­ DG316A,­ DG317A,­ DG318A,­ DG319A,­ DG320A,­ DG321A,­ DG322A,­ DJ694S,­ DK801A,­ DK802A,­ DK803A,­ DK804A,­ DK805A,­ DK806A,­ DK807A,­ DK808A,­ DK809A,­ DL778P,­ DL779P,­ DL780P,­ D.­.­.­
Download HP Compaq d330 Agere (LSI) Systems Soft Modem 2.2.96 Rev. K driver
Hardware:Veriton X4620G
Software name:LSI Modem Driver
File Size:1.5Mb (1572616 bytes)
Released:22 Oct 2012
System:Windows XP
Description:LSI Modem Driver for ACER Veriton X4620GDownload ACER Veriton X4620G LSI Modem Driver 2.2.100
Software type:Driver
File Size:2.72Mb (2856681 bytes)
Released:17 May 2007
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 2000Windows MEWindows 98
Description:Driver for Genius GM56PCI-SADownload Genius GM56PCI-SA Driver