PCI\VEN_­1274&­DEV_­5000 drivers

Here is 2 drivers compatible with PCI\VEN_­1274&­DEV_­5000.
This is Device ID of ENSONIQ AudioPCI.
Device or core chip manufacturer is Ensoniq .
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
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Hardware:Pavilion 8260
Software name:Pavilion 82xx Systems Ensoniq/Sound-Blaster Audio Update
File Size:1.51Mb (1585152 bytes)
Released:17 Sep 1998
System:OS Independent
Description:Pavilion 82xx Systems Ensoniq/­Sound-Blaster Audio Update for HP Pavilion 8260

Type: Driver - Audio
HP Ensoniq/­Sound-Blaster Audio Update for the HP Pavilion 82xx Systems.­ This update installs revision 4.­05.­1044 which resolves two issues: 1).­ Changes to the MIC volume setting now take effect without having to un-mute the microphone.­ 2).­ Disabling the PCI Lega.­.­.­
Download HP Pavilion 8260 Pavilion 82xx Systems Ensoniq/Sound-Blaster Audio Update 4.05.1044 driver
Hardware:SoundWave Pro PCI
Software name:Device Driver
File Size:7.64Mb (8014633 bytes)
System:Windows 95
Description:Device Driver Windows 95
Board Version V1 &­ V2: Ensoniq Chipset
Download SIIG SoundWave Pro PCI Device Driver