PCI\VEN_­8086&­DEV_­104A drivers

Here is 30 drivers compatible with PCI\VEN_­8086&­DEV_­104A.
This is Device ID of Intel(R) 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection.
Device or core chip manufacturer is Intel Corporation .
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
Anyway, you can try to use extended search exactly for your hardware.
Hardware:rp5800 Retail System
Software name:Intel Gigabit Network Driver
Version:15.6 Rev. B
File Size:5.96Mb (6247840 bytes)
Released:09 Jun 2011
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows Embedded
Description:Intel Gigabit Network Driver for HP rp5800 Retail System This packages contains the Intel NIC drivers for the HP Point-of-Sale

This release provides support for the Intel Gigabit CT2 Desktop Adapter and
Intel gigabit integrated network adapters of the supported systems.­

NOTE: This release package contains the following driver versions:

E1C5132.­SYS - v11.­8.­84.­0
E1Q5132.­SYS - v11.­7.­32.­0 Compatible devices: A0S27AW,­ A0S28AW,­ A0S29AW,­ A2P39PA,­ A2V08LA,­ A2V09LA,­ A2V10LA,­ A2V11LA,­ A2V12LA,­ A2V17LA,­ A3C43EA,­ A3C44EA,­ A3C45EA,­.­.­.­
Download HP rp5800 Retail System Intel Gigabit Network Driver 15.6 Rev. B
Hardware:MultiSeat ms6200
Software name:MultiSeat ms6200 Install Assistant
Version:1 Rev. B
File Size:230.22Mb (241403120 bytes)
Released:15 Feb 2012
System:Windows MultiPoint Server 2011
Description:MultiSeat ms6200 Install Assistant for HP MultiSeat ms6200
This package contains the Microsoft MultiPoint Server Installation
Assistant tool.­ This tool can be used to install the operating
system from DVD media and add necessary drivers for the HP host.­
Compatible devices:
Download HP MultiSeat ms6200 MultiSeat ms6200 Install Assistant 1 Rev. B driver
Hardware:Z1 Workstation
Software name:Z1 Workstations Windows 7 x64 Driver Pack
Version:3 Rev. A
File Size:580.47Mb (608661744 bytes)
Released:24 Oct 2014
System:Windows 7 64-bit
Description:Z1 Workstations Windows 7 x64 Driver Pack for HP Z1 Workstation This package contains the drivers necessary for Microsoft Windows operating system deployment for supported HP workstation models.­ This package provides the drivers for the integrated and select add-in devices in an INF format.­ This format is compatible with bare-metal Operating System deployment tools that require INF based drivers.­

NOTE: The Bluetooth drivers are not INF based.­ The setup executables are provided in the file structure of the driver pack to update from the inbox drivers if desired.­ Compatible.­.­.­
Download HP Z1 Workstation Z1 Workstations Windows 7 x64 Driver Pack 3 Rev. A
Hardware:Z400 Workstation
Software name:Vision Diagnostics Offline Edition (USB Flash Disk Only)
Version:2.23.0 C
File Size:518.66Mb (543850472 bytes)
Released:06 Nov 2014
System:Windows 8 64-bitWindows VistaWindows Vista 64-bitWindows XPWindows XP 64-bitSUSERed Hat
Description:Vision Diagnostics Offline Edition (USB Flash Disk Only) for HP Z400 Workstation
This package contains only the USB Flash Disk image files for the
HP Vision Diagnostics Offline Edition for the supported workstation
models and operating systems.­ HP Vision Diagnostics is a proactive
management tool that provides diagnostics and troubleshooting
capabilities to assist Information Technology (IT) administrators
in verifying installations,­ troubleshooting problems,­ and
performing repair validation.­
Compatible devices:
A1R60EC,­ A1R61EC,­ A1R.­.­.­
Download HP Z400 Workstation Vision Diagnostics Offline Edition (USB Flash Disk Only) 2.23.0 C driver
Hardware:MultiSeat ms6000
Software name:Install Assistant
Version:1 Rev. A
File Size:77.81Mb (81588736 bytes)
Released:25 Feb 2011
System:Windows MultiPoint Server 2010
Description:Install Assistant for HP MultiSeat ms6000
The Microsoft MultiPoint Server Installation Assistant tool
facilitates the installation of the operating system from DVD media
on the HP host and adds all the necessary drivers for the host.­
Compatible devices:
BM458AA,­ BM458AT,­ BM458AW,­ BM459AA,­ BM459AT,­ BM459AW,­ BM460AA,­ BM460AT,­ BM460AW,­ BM461AA,­ BM461AT,­ BM461AW,­ BP912AW,­ BP913AW,­ BP914AW,­ BP915AW,­ DUMHPMS6000PRE,­ LB534PP,­ XA422PP,­ XL890PP,­ XY787PP
Download HP MultiSeat ms6000 Install Assistant 1 Rev. A driver