PCI\VEN_­8086&­DEV_­1229&­REV_­05 drivers

Here is 31 drivers compatible with PCI\VEN_­8086&­DEV_­1229&­REV_­05.
This is Device ID of Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100).
Device or core chip manufacturer is Intel Corporation .
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
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Hardware:Compaq dx7300 PC
Software name:Intel Gigabit Network Drivers
Version:14.6_206701 Rev. A
File Size:260.24Mb (272883256 bytes)
Released:01 Mar 2010
System:Windows VistaWindows Vista 64-bitWindows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 2000
Description:Intel Gigabit Network Drivers for HP Compaq dx7300 PC
This package provides the Intel PRO/­1000 Drivers for the supported
desktop models running a supported operating system.­ This release
provides support for Intel PRO/­1000 Network Adapters on multiple
operating systems.­
Compatible devices:
GB027PA,­ GB028PA,­ GB046PT,­ GB047PT,­ GB048PT,­ GB049PT,­ GC978PA,­ GD058PA,­ GD080PA,­ GD081PA,­ GG828PA,­ GG829PA,­ GG884PA,­ GG915PA,­ GG932PA,­ GL713PA,­ GL800PA,­ GL801PA,­ GL805PA,­ GL806PA,­ GL810PA,­ GN861PA,­ GN862PA,­ GN888PA,­ GN889PA,­ GN891PA,­ GN893PA,­ GN895PA,­ GT217PA,­ GT218.­.­.­
Download HP Compaq dx7300 PC Intel Gigabit Network Drivers 14.6_206701 Rev. A
Hardware:Designjet H35100 Commercial
Software name:VideoNet Protocol and VideoNet Card Driver
File Size:23.71Mb (24866536 bytes)
Released:06 Jan 2009
System:Windows VistaWindows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 2000Windows NT
Description:VideoNet Protocol and VideoNet Card Driver for HP Designjet H35100 Commercial
This package includes the Intel Pro 100 VideoNet interface card and
VideoNet protocol for all supported versions of Windows.­ See the
enclosed PDFs for installation instructions.­
Compatible devices:
Download HP Designjet H35100 Commercial VideoNet Protocol and VideoNet Card Driver 2008-12
Hardware:Compaq D315
Software name:Intel PRO/1000 GT Drivers
Version: A
File Size:68.91Mb (72260192 bytes)
Released:25 May 2005
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 98
Description:Intel PRO/­1000 GT Drivers for HP Compaq D315 This package contains the Intel PRO/­1000 GT drivers and management software for the listed desktop models running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.­
Provides support for the following adapters:
  • Intel Pro/­100 S Management Adapter
  • Intel Pro/­1000 MT Adapter
  • Intel Pro/­1000 GT Adapter
  • Intel Pro/­1000 PT Adapter
  • Softpaq also supports the following OS's:
  • FreeDOS
  • Microsoft DOS
  • Mandrake,­ Redhat,­ SuSE,­ and Turbo Linux
NOTE: This driver.­.­.­
Download HP Compaq D315 Intel PRO/1000 GT Drivers A
Hardware:Compaq Deskpro EXS Edition P800
Software name:Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter
Version:4.11 A
File Size:13.95Mb (14631542 bytes)
Released:20 Nov 2000
System:Windows MEWindows 98Windows 95
Description:Intel PRO/­100 S Desktop Adapter for HP Compaq Deskpro EXS Edition P800
The Intel PRO/­100 S Desktop Adapter Drivers support the new Intel
NIC with IPSec Support as well as the Intel PRO/­100+ Management
Adapter.­ This version of software has support for the following
Operating Systems: Windows 95,­ Windows 98 and Windows Me
Compatible devices:
211115-K42,­ 221252-292,­ 470004-847,­ 470006-395,­ 470006-890,­ 470007-146,­ 470008-116,­ 470008-409,­ 470008-410,­ 470008-412,­ 470008-558,­ 470009-064,­ 470009-103,­ 470009-254,­ 470009-255,­ 470009-299,­ 470009-301,­ 470009-336,­.­.­.­
Download HP Compaq Deskpro EXS Edition P800 Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter 4.11 A driver
Hardware:Brio bax
Software name:Brio BAx, Driver
File Size:1.16Mb (1216693 bytes)
Released:11 Jan 2001
System:Windows 98Windows NTWindows 95Windows 3.x
Description:Brio BAx,­ Driver for HP Brio bax
HP Brio BAx,­ Driver for HP 10/­100 INTEL Management Adapter LAN
Card,­ for Windows for Workgroup 3.­11,­ Windows 9x,­ NT4.­0,­ MS DOS
6.­22,­ OS/­2 (Warp 4),­ Novell Client Netware
Compatible devices:
D7600A,­ D7600T,­ D7601A,­ D7602A,­ D7603A,­ D7603T,­ D7604A,­ D7605A,­ D7605T,­ D7606A,­ D7606T,­ D7608A,­ D7609A,­ D7610A,­ D7610T,­ D7611T,­ D7612T,­ D7616A,­ D7616T,­ D7617T,­ D7620T,­ D7621A,­ D7621T,­ D7623A,­ D7624A,­ D7624T,­ D7625A,­ D7625T,­ D7626A,­ D7627A,­ D7628T,­ D7629A,­ D7629T,­ D7630A,­ D7632A,­ D7633A,­ D7634A,­ D7635A,­ D7635T,­ D7636A,­ D7637E,­ D7638E,­ D763.­.­.­
Download HP Brio bax Brio BAx, Driver 3.0