USB\VID_­093A&­PID_­2620&­MI_­00 drivers

Here is 3 drivers compatible with USB\VID_­093A&­PID_­2620&­MI_­00.
This is Device ID of CANYON USB PC CAMERA.
Category:PC Camera
Software type:Driver
File Size:1.19Mb (1242790 bytes)
Released:02 Oct 2008
System:Windows XPWindows 2000
Description:Driver for Canyon CNR-CP4

Drivers (original release for manual installation). Use for Windows XP if unable to run automatic installer
Download Canyon CNR-CP4 Driver
Category:PC Camera
Hardware:G-lens 323
Software type:Driver
File Size:4.27Mb (4477864 bytes)
Released:11 Feb 2011
System:Windows XP
Description:Driver for Defender G-lens 323

Driver for Microsoft Windows XP
Download Defender G-lens 323 Driver
Category:PC Camera
Manufacturer:Gear Head
Software type:Driver
File Size:16.74Mb (17553228 bytes)
Released:25 Feb 2010
Description:Driver for Gear Head WC735I

WC735I Driver for Windows
Download Gear Head WC735I Driver