USB\VID_­0C45&­PID_­62C0 drivers

Here is 6 drivers compatible with USB\VID_­0C45&­PID_­62C0.
This is Device ID of USB Video Device.
Device or core chip manufacturer is Microdia Ltd. .
Here is only last drivers for this DeviceId. Almost all of them are compatible with your hardware.
Anyway, you can try to use extended search exactly for your hardware.
Hardware:EliteBook 8440p
Software type:Firmware
File Size:3.97Mb (4157936 bytes)
Released:05 Aug 2010
Description:Firmware for HP EliteBook 8440p
This package contains a firmware update for the HP Webcam in
supported notebook models that are running a supported operating
Compatible devices:
B0D76PP,­ B0D77PP,­ B0D78PP,­ B0D79PP,­ BN070US,­ BN124US,­ BN173US,­ BN196US,­ BP510US,­ BP523US,­ BP598US,­ BP623US,­ BP624US,­ BP626US,­ BP664US,­ BP680US,­ BP688US,­ BP689US,­ BP731US,­ BQ027US,­ BQ029US,­ BQ260US,­ BQ301US,­ BS285US,­ BS753US,­ BS939US,­ BS941US,­ BT104US,­ BT225US,­ BT242US,­ BU210US,­ BU570US,­ BU603US,­ BU607US,­ BU611US,­ BU664US,­ BU670US,­ BU677US,­ BU688US,­ BU693US,­ BU697US,­ BU699US,­.­.­.­
Download HP EliteBook 8440p Firmware 16.0
Hardware:Compaq 2710p
Software name:Sonix Camera Driver
Version:5.8.19003.0 Rev. B
File Size:6.1Mb (6394224 bytes)
Released:20 Nov 2009
System:Windows 7Windows 7 64-bit
Description:Sonix Camera Driver for HP Compaq 2710p
This package contains the Sonix Camera Driver for the supported
notebook models and operating systems.­
Compatible devices:
AK514US,­ AK533US,­ AK539US,­ AK549US,­ AK587US,­ AK597US,­ AK606US,­ AK621US,­ AK625US,­ AK634US,­ AK650US,­ AK655US,­ AK663US,­ AK706US,­ AK712US,­ AK729US,­ AK734US,­ AK751US,­ AK755US,­ AK766US,­ AK768US,­ AK773US,­ AK793US,­ AK794US,­ AK797US,­ AK798US,­ AK807US,­ AK885US,­ AK907US,­ AK924US,­ AK936US,­ AK942US,­ AK956US,­ AK987US,­ AK988US,­ AL003US,­ AL004US,­ AL022US,­ AL046US,­ AL049US,­ AL091US,­ AL121US,­ AL141US,­ AL158US,­ AL260US,­ A.­.­.­
Download HP Compaq 2710p Sonix Camera Driver 5.8.19003.0 Rev. B
Software type:Chicony Camera CKF_7010 Firmware6322
File Size:3.37Mb (3530690 bytes)
Released:02 Nov 2009
System:Windows 7Windows 7 64-bitWindows Vista
Description:Chicony Camera CKF_­7010 Firmware6322 for ASUS UL80A
Fix video call display error of MSN9 issue,­ please download and follow SOP to update FW6322.­
Download ASUS UL80A Chicony Camera CKF_7010 Firmware6322 FW6322
Manufacturer:Packard Bell
Hardware:dot m - a
Software name:Chicony Camera Driver
File Size:8.28Mb (8681915 bytes)
Released:13 Jan 2010
System:Windows XPWindows XP 64-bit
Description:Chicony Camera Driver for Packard Bell dot m - a
Chicony Camera Driver for Windows XP 32/­64bit
Download Packard Bell dot m - a Chicony Camera Driver
Manufacturer:Packard Bell
Software name:liteon Camera Driver
File Size:8.12Mb (8509404 bytes)
Released:10 Mar 2010
System:Windows XP
Description:liteon Camera Driver for Packard Bell dot
liteon Camera Driver for Windows XP
Download Packard Bell dot liteon Camera Driver