Toshiba Satellite L510-ST3405 ACPI Flash BIOS v.­1.­50

Free Toshiba Satellite L510-ST3405 ACPI Flash BIOS v.­1.­50.
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Hardware:Toshiba Satellite L510-ST3405
Software type:ACPI Flash BIOS
File Size:4.2Mb (4406064 bytes)
Archive type:InstallShield
Released:16 Jan 2010
Description:ACPI Flash BIOS for Toshiba Satellite L510-ST3405
Change History
Version 1.­50 - 2010-01-14
Modified the HDD password algorithm.­
Added a brightness table.­
Updated the VBIOS to fix an LG LP156WH2_­TLA1 "display scratch commas garbage" issue.­
Version 1.­40 - 2009-10-29
Updated the Computrace OPROM 887.­
Fixed: DMI type 17 manufacturer name display error for Hynix and Elpida RAM.­
Changed the "Intel Virtualization Technology" default setting from Disabled to Enabled.­
Modified the critical battery wake up prevent value from 2%­ to 5%­.­
Modified the battery low blinks,­ battery LED value from 2%­ to 10%­.­
Modified the S3 Critical Battery wake up value from 5%­ to 8%­.­
Version 1.­30 - 2009-08-27
Added support for the Win7 Container ID function.­
The CMOS Year/­Month/­Date default setting is changed to 2009/­07/­01 after a RTC battery failure.­
Added support for the TVAP "Alarm power on" functions for the Win7 tool.­
Updated: PPM1.­04 reference code.­
Updated: MRC2.­8 reference code.­
Fixed: DDR3 DMI Type17 memory information was incorrect.­
Modified: BIOS Setup and F12 menu strings from "USB Memory" to "USB".­
Added LCD brightness tables.­
Added the ATI M92 VBIOS.­
Version 1.­20 - 2009-07-07
Added: Support for passwords using Numeric Keypad entries.­
Added: Supervisor password can override the user password function in BIOS Setup.­
Fixed: Win7 has a "remove icon" for an internal HDD.­
Fixed: System can't enter Windows XP when "Core Multi-Processing" is disabled in BIOS.­
Added LCD brightness tables.­
Fixed: System hang when changing resolution by pressing Fn+Space keys.­
Modified a VGA FAN thermal table for a model not released in the US.­
Updated the Samsung LTN140AT07-T01 brightness table.­
Version 1.­10 - 2009-06-01
Initial production BIOS for these models
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